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White & Brite®

White & Brite® is a specialized take-home whitening treatment which has been designed for use during daytime hours.  White & Brite® offers an excellent alternative for people who would like to have a brighter smile, but do not relish the prospect of wearing strips or whitening trays all night long.  In fact, the White & Brite® treatment will only take one hour per day, and is substantially less expensive than some in-office alternatives.

Day White® is an extremely user-friendly home treatment.  The kit includes whitening gel, a patented syringe and special whitening trays.  There is nothing complicated, messy or time-consuming about applying White & Brite® and it can whiten the teeth by as many as fourteen shades in as few as 10-14 days.

How can White & Brite® help me?

White & Brite® utilizes proven technology to remove organic stains on the teeth and whiten yellowing dentin and enamel.  White & Brite® has been created with the wearer in mind.

Here are some advantages of the White & Brite® System:

  • Cost effective.
  • Custom-fitted trays.
  • Lower active ingredient concentration (means reduced sensitivity).
  • No radiation.
  • Pleasant flavor in a viscous gel.
  • Teeth whitened by as many as 14 shades.
  • Two half hour treatments twice a day.
  • Unchanged structure of teeth.

What are the main considerations before using White & Brite®?

It should be noted that White & Brite® should only be applied to healthy teeth.  Patients who have tooth decay or gum disease need to have these conditions treated prior to applying the White & Brite® gel.  White & Brite® may not remove inorganic or deep stains, so it is important to consult with the dentist to ensure that expectations are realistic, considering the current condition of the teeth.

Here are some important points about using White & Brite®:

  • Once the gel is on the teeth, do not smoke, eat or drink.
  • Consult the dentist before ordering refills.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should not use tooth-whitening products.

How should White & Brite® be used?


  1. Brush and floss your teeth before each application of White & Brite® Tooth Whitening Gel.
  2. Snap cap off of dispensing tip by twisting and bending slightly. Each syringe has 6 calibration lines. Each line represents one tray application. Apply a small amount of White & Brite® Tooth Whitening Gel in the face-side of each tooth space.
  3. Place the cap back on the end of the dispensing tip and snap in place. This protects the White & Brite® Tooth Whitening Gel from exposure and maintains shelf life.
  4. Place your custom tray over your moistened teeth. Do not squeeze the tray. Allow any excess gel to escape naturally and remove from your gums using a toothbrush or tissue.
  5. Most whitening occurs during the first hour of each application. Wear your custom tray once or twice each day for 1-2 hours per application or as recommended by your dentist. Your dentist can advise you if a third daily application is appropriate for your situation.
  6. Upon Completion of each application, remove your custom trays and rinse it with water. Rinse or brush your teeth to remove any excess whitening gel.
  7. Continue using White & Brite® Tooth Whitening Gel uninterrupted each day until all of your treatments have been completed or the desired results are achieved.


  1. Wait at least one hour between treatments.
  2. Store syringes in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate if possible.
  3. Avoid citrus fruits and juices until your treatments have been complete, since they may cause sensitivity.
  4. Reduce or eliminate consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, cola and tobacco, since they may contribute to tooth staining during (and after) your whitening treatment.
  5. Brush and floss before and after each whitening treatment.

 Do not:

  1. Do not apply excess gel in your custom tray. This does not lead to quicker results and my cause sensitivity.
  2. Do not eat, drink or smoke while wearing your custom tray.
  3. Do not freeze White & Brite® Tooth Whitening Gel syringes.
  4. Do not expose White & Brite® Tooth Whitening Gel syringes to excessive heat or prolonged periods of sunlight.

Whitening will occur gradually over the course of the White & Brite® treatment, and the end result will be a pearly white smile.

If you have any questions about White & Brite®, please ask your dentist.